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Testicle Massage

Balls massage or testicles technically a new thing when compared to the history of Thai traditional massage. Testicles are very vital and important organs in your body, and without them we would be an extinct species. Keeping them in top notch shape will not only give you harder erections, more sex drive, and higher amounts of ejaculation, but will also give you a healthier sperm count and chance for conception when you try to have children.Important to proper testicle function and health is better blood circulation exercises explains how to increase a higher-level blood circulation to your testicles to promote all round better function and health for Ball massage or testicles massage now some massage use with oil or lotion. but for massage must use experience because this part very soft and sensitive.

How to Massage ?

holding testicles in this postion, gently grip and gently pull testicle with one hand, and with you're other you're finger or two back and forth along the back of the scrotum skin you are pulling tight,After that just massage and roll around testes


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